I  N  N  O  V  A  T  O  R  S    W  I  T  H    Z  I  N  C


Pushing back the barriers in understanding partnerships

From automotive to electrical, to sports goods and toys, the values and performance characteristics of zinc alloys in components or complete products are becoming more widely and profitably usable - thanks to our advancing technologies and our people's close working relationships with the industry.

From initial concepts to completion, we provide the highest possible quality alloys, which can be tailor made for the project, and help with everything from design and prototyping through to tooling and production.

Pushing back the barriers in understanding partnerships, we can help you make the most of zinc alloy versatility in a cost and quality driven world.

M A Z A K = Q U A L I T Y

Q - Quality is unquestionable; it is our 1st condition & main commitment.

U - Utmost care and devotion to customers’ needs and requirements.

A - Advantage of all LME pricing possibilities.

L - Long-term relationships with customers = The most valuable aspect of our business.

I - Improvement = Commitment to continuous improvement of production and products.

T - Tradition = We uphold traditions because our know-how is based upon many years
     of experience from the UK.

Y - Your satisfaction = Our ultimate goal.